Surrounded by the green, scented Mediterranean scrub of mount Portofino, the gaze sweeps out to the horizon, where sky and sea touch.

The first inhabitants were a small number of Benedictine monks who in 1361 founded a monastery here devoted to Saint Jerome.

What was once the monks’ vegetable garden is currently the only Italian Garden in Liguria which overlooks the sea. The plants growing against the wall or arranged along the borders are an integral part of the drawing of the Monumental Garden, as so are the vines of the ancient pergolas.

The flowerbeds contain several flower species (that ensure flowering during all 12 months of the year) that alternate with coloured foliage plants. Worthy of note are the flowerings of the centuries-old wisteria and of the star jasmine. Aromatic herbs alternate with a collection of rare potted citrus plants in the Garden of the Simples.

Its strategic location makes it the ideal place for celebrating exclusive events or meetings that simply require confidentiality and concentration. Guests attending the events have an extra privilege: staying in one of the rooms in the Abbey’s main building and in the ancient Saracen Tower.


La Cervara
Abbazia di San Girolamo al Monte di Portofino
Lungomare Rossetti – via Cervara, 10
Santa Margherita Ligure
Tel: +39.0185.293.139

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La Cervara Abbey - Santa Margherita Ligure

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